Turkey NİĞDE

Niğde was known as ‘Nahita’ in ancient times. Niğde province is situated in the south-east of Turkey’s central Anatolian region. Niğde which witnesses to ten thousand years of history is an important torism city of Cappodocia in the middle Anatolia. Thermal  springs, historical sites, beautiful scenery, opportunities  for moutaineering and winter sports town the possibility of being an important travel destination.


Our city contributes singnificantly to Turkey’s economy with apple of Niğde that is  of  the symbol of the city and pototo production. It is an important centre of traditional handicrafts. The carpets made in Niğde are sold all over the world.


Furthermore,with its university,health and educational institutions and a modern, well-established town, Niğde is at the heart of a province specializing in spas, mountain climbing and camping.


Home to many historical remains and museums, Niğde situated in Cappadocia,is definitely worth a visit.